Spring CleaningSpring is upon us. The weather is warmer. Our calendars are filling with upcoming events. Many of us are thinking about the outside of our homes. Spring does mean planting gardens and getting out the lawn furniture, but it is also the perfect time to tackle that list of indoor cleaning and organizing that we tend to do once or twice a year.

We probably have some form of spring cleaning that we do every year. Now is the time to develop a spring cleaning system that you can use from now on. The system should include all the right cleaning jobs and all the organizing tasks you need to set up a carefree summer. 

These steps will allow anyone with any type of household to develop the checklist that is right for them. Many of us try to adapt ourselves to someone else’s list and feel like we have failed when we do not complete it. It is time to make a list you will accomplish! Save time, decrease stress, and increase happiness. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

1. Organize First and Do It Your Way

We all know that when the house is cluttered it takes twice as long to do even basic cleaning. We end up spending the first hour getting things put away. We probably put things away that we should be getting rid of. We finally get the counter cleared. Anything beyond a quick wipe down seems like a lot at that point.

Many of us have implemented “fill in hottest organization trend here” and had it fall apart on us within a month. That leads us to abandon it all together. The Spruce.com has your answer with their article Personality-Driven Organizing is the Way to a Clean House Once and For All. Cassandra Aarssen’s Clutterbug concept puts control in your hands by identifying what works with your personality. 

2. Make a Checklist That Works for You

Spring Cleaning Check ListWe need lists. They help us stay on track. They provide motivation. It feels good to check something off a list. First things first. It seems obvious but decide on the medium for your checklist. It may be paper, if so, you will want to save a copy for future use. You may be a spreadsheet person. You may have an app on your phone. Make sure you use something that keeps it from getting lost in the shuffle.

You know how you are making the list. Now you need to figure out what to include. There are good starting points like Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist on Marthastewart.com. You may find that one of these pre-made lists hits every item you need. A lot of us will need to modify based on our household. 

Organize your checklist by whole house first. Cleaning window coverings will generally apply to the whole house. Next, break down items needed for each individual room. Cleaning grout will usually be exclusive to kitchens and bathrooms. Last, make a specialty cleaning category. You may have pet areas that require a different set of items. 

3. Take Inventory of Supplies

Cleaning SuppliesWe have cleaning supplies for our routine chores. We may not have everything we need for spring cleaning. You may just need more of what you already have on hand. You may need to ad or replace some more specialized cleaning tools.

Good basics to have on hand in large quantities include baking soda, white vinegar, and Castile soaps. Goodhousekeeping.com offers 8 Homemade Cleaners That Actually Work, According to Our Cleaning Experts.  You may need to acquire tools for cleaning grout, additional cleaning cloths, multiple smaller buckets, and spray bottles for homemade cleaners. Make sure you have something for labeling your cleaners as well. 

You have an organized home. You have a comprehensive checklist. You have supplies ready to go. Spring cleaning has never been easier. We have one last thing to figure out. We need to find the time to do it! We have that calendar of upcoming events along with all our day to day obligations.

Let Maids & More help! We will work with you to handle the tasks you do not have time to do. Our One-Time House Cleaning is a perfect solution for crossing off all the cleaning items on your checklist.

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