Omaha Steaks International Inc. 

Having freshly arrived from Riga, Latvia, J.J. and B.A. Simon arrived at Ellis Island. After boarding a train heading west, they arrived in Omaha, Nebraska, because it looked like their homeland, and they settled there opening Omaha Steak Company in 1917 after working for several meat companies in the area. Many were introduced to the taste of Omaha Steaks as they were served in dining train cars. That humble beginning over a century ago has grown into a company selling over 14 million pounds of steak annually. The company is now operated by the fifth generation of the Simon family.

There are several different ways that customers can enjoy products from Omaha Steaks. The company operates 80 locations spread across 28 states. The company also allows customers to use their website to order, they can order through social media and they can still mail in their orders or fax them in.

Omaha Steak Company is very proud to still own all the customer touch points because they cut their own steaks, package them, age them and ship them. The company operates three processing plants around Omaha and two distribution centers in Omaha. Fred Simon says that the company’s mission is to sell high-quality steaks and other products to families for get-togethers.

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